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We understand that one can experience unfamiliarity, fear, and anxiety being investigated for or charged with a criminal offence. Our lawyers will ensure that we will answer each and every question and help you navigate the criminal justice system. We will fight for your rights to not be unjustly arrested. We will fight for your rights not to be arbitrarily detained. We will fight for your rights even if you have made a mistake and simply want to rehabilitate yourself and move forward to a better life. 

We are cognizant that a criminal record can destroy your life and prevent you from getting a job; crossing the border; not renew your permanent residency, and even have you deported out of Canada. We are here to ensure that every potential implication of a criminal record is understood to tailor our strategy to your needs.


After being charged, while you return to your life, we will commence collecting all of the evidence against you including but not limited to pictures, videos, statements, DNA analysis and more. We discuss the case directly with the Crown and negotiate a resolution in your favour. At trial we work diligently to clear your name and have the charges dismissed against you.

Criminal Law Oakville
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