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We understand that the breakdown of a relationship is difficult and it will impact your relationship with other family members. We take a holistic approach and promote resolution outside of Court to allow both parties to discuss, negotiate, and come to a resolution on their own rather than a resolution that is made by a Judge, a stranger to you and your family handling and hearing hundreds of cases and making a decision that impacts you or your children without any impact on them. A good resolution is one that neither party is happy, but rather one that you can live with and one that you have crafted on your own, taking into consideration the specific circumstances of your family, and accommodating those circumstances into your resolution. 

We can help to facilitate the negotiations and draft a separation agreement. We can facilitate 4-way meetings that encourage fruitful discussions. We can facilitate financial disclosure. We can draft settlement offers to resolve all outstanding issues between the parties.

Regardless of how dysfunctional a relationship is and regardless of how it ends, we want to keep your matter outside of Court since we do not want you to waste your money on lawyers when that money can be better spent on yourself or your children. However, if the other side is being unreasonable or unrealistic about their position then you have no choice, but to fight for your rights and we are here to fight and advocate for your position until the conclusion of your matter.


There are differences in being in a common-law relationship or being married. Speak to one of our lawyers today and they can advise you of your rights. 

The best thing you can do is to draft a cohabitation agreement prior to moving in with a common-law partner and a prenuptial agreement prior to getting married. These agreements will protect you from any potential future claim against your property,  

inheritance, windfalls, and future payment of spousal support. 

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